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The main purpose of Marchant Dallas Consulting is to help accountants and their clients grow their business

…we are your springboard to the Next Level…whatever that level may be.You define the level and we’ll show you how to get there – guaranteed.For the most part it’s not because people can’t get to the Next level …it’s simply – they don’t know how.


We Believe that…

Every business ‘on the planet’ has potential – providing they have a product or service that someone is willing to pay for…in other words providing they haven’t broken the ‘iron law’ of the market and produced something that no one wants. Our job is to turn that potential into performance – turn it into results. And, we do that by providing a world-class level of training, coaching and mentoring second to none. We have been featured (Nett Magazine) in the top 1 per cent of Sales and Marketing Coaching companies in Australia and New Zealand because we have the ‘runs’ on the board and know HOW to take you and your business to the NEXT level.

We Believe that…

Every business is two businesses: there’s the one that does the work and the one that sells the work …and if you don’t sell the work, well, there’s no work to be done and if there’s no work to be done then most likely …it’s lights out.

We Believe that…

Everyone knows how to make the thing they sell…but not everyone knows how to sell the thing they make… therefore one of the keys to improved performance and better results is learning how to sell. Learning how to sell and market your business – will strengthen those who embrace it and weaken those who don’t.

We Believe that…

The difference between those accountants and business owners who ‘make it’ to the next level is ‘know-how’…a special kind of know-how…the sort of know-how that you would expect Bill Gates to talk about, or Steve Jobs, Mary Kay, Sir Richard Branson, Gerry Harvey, Michael Dell, Dick Smith, Richard Marriott…and the list goes on.

This know-how is not taught in universities – it is learnt through trial and error.

Marchant Dallas Consulting has gathered all the ‘know-hows’ from most of the world’s leading business owners, CEOs and businesses and put them in one place and then using our formula mixed them with our own brand of success…and now we have the answers to get you and your business to the next level. How is our speciality. Most people can figure out the what …they have trouble figuring out the how.

And Finally – We Believe that…

We are living on a very different planet than the one we lived on just a few years ago. The age of the globally integrated economy and society has arrived. The business world is becoming flatter, which means any size company, from any place on earth, can now establish a global footprint.
In fact, small and medium size businesses now represent more than 90% of all businesses globally and employ 90% of the world’s workforce*.
These businesses have become the engines* that drive economic growth and fuel a smarter planet.
This is an extraordinary moment in time – a time of challenges and of even greater opportunities.As our planet becomes smarter- small and medium size businesses will wield more of the influence that once belonged to only the largest enterprises and Marchant-Dallas Consulting provide the support and know-how to help you turn your vision into reality and ideas into results. (at last count we have helped 30,000 people achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions, 5000 + businesses and about 50 + accounting firms)
To be outstandingly successful in business these days you must first have a great idea.
Then you have to turn that idea into an outstanding product or service – and then you have to be very, very good at marketing, sales and sensational service.

One of my favourite mentors - Dan Kennedy, recently had this to say:

“You need a profound reason for your existence in this market. You wanting to make a living or grow rich is not a profound reason.
Success now demands specific and unique relevance and importance to a target market, and the delivery of an exceptional experience for the buyer, from the first contact all the way through the sale and beyond. Provide that or perish.
We’ve recently had one of the biggest ever up-heavals in the market. It is my conviction that it came none too soon. The marketplace desperately needed an industrial strength enema to flush out all the crap – and by gum, it got one. It’s still in progress. There was a lot of crap to flush out.
If you’ve been coasting, going through the motions, selling me too, same as the other guy stuff, delivering ordinary service, well, I think you deserve being flushed away. If you would just objectively look around, you would recognize that there is an abundant supply of everything. More than we need. Too many brands of cars, too many interchangeable restaurants, too many dentists, too many financial advisors, all peddling the same ordinary stuff with different hood ornaments.
If you are in business today you know the market has changed.
Your clients are more sophisticated. They expect higher levels of service. They want more products and greater value for money and many of your traditional services are at risk of being commoditized.
From Reagan to Bush (or in our case from Fraser to Howard) the economy boomed to such epic extent that consumers spent and bought with abandon.
The need for well organized, disciplined, effective selling by skilled individuals almost disappeared.
The ‘fish’ were leaping out of the water into the boat.
That is not the case now, and it’s not going to be the case for quite some time. Now prosperous businesses require and will revolve around solid salesmanship. That means different things in different businesses. But it is a new reality for every business. You have to decide how it applies to yours.”


The Best Marketer Wins Every Time!

It really doesn’t matter how good the products or services you sell are; or how low your prices are, or your image, or your reputation, or location or mobility…when you really get down to it!What really matters – what really counts, what really makes the difference, is how you market your business.That’s it!