No1Clientsask webHere’s 3 Ideas

used by 50+ accounting firms, 5000 + business owners and 30,000 business people.

Firstly, apart from technology, the cloud, off-shore processing and all the other forms of disruption…

The number one thing your clients are asking you to do is



…and of course if you don’t they will get help from somewhere else – most likely a business coach – yes, it makes me wonder too…but that’s what will happen and that’s what is happening

Therefore, your Number One objective with every business client you have is


I know you help your clients in a myriad of ways …we only have to look at your service offerings (and almost every other accounting firm for that matter) however; as you know growing a business is more than the numbers. We use numbers to keep score. Actual GROWTH is a direct result of what we call the


shutterstock 233669410 webFOUR PILLARS OF GROWTH

MARKETING – Branding and Lead Generation
SELLING – Sales Process Map and Conversion rate
DELIVERING – Delivery Experience and Effective Systems
SERVICING – Post Purchase Experience and Retention rate

The Four Pillars of Growth combined with the 7 Profit Boosters …that exist in every business across the planet…give your clients (and you) the GROWTH they’re looking for…The profit boosters are:

1. Retention Rate
2. Lead Generation
3. Conversion Rate
4. Average Value of each Transaction
5. Repeat Business
6. Cost of Goods Sold
7. General Expenses


So, here’s what we do…

We work with accountants and their clients and show them HOW to grow their business…we’ve been doing it since 2001 …50 firms, 5000 + business clients – 30,000 people…and its picking up speed…

This is not a gimmick/it’s not a fad/ it’s not a sales pitch….if an accountant or a business owner says they’ve heard all of this before – they’re wrong – unless they’ve been to one of our programs. This stuff actually works…and therefore we guarantee it.

If you’re an accountant or business owner and what you’re doing now is working, then keep doing it and simply ‘ramp it up.’

If it’s not and your willing to try something different – something that’s worked for 50 firms or more and 5000 business owners or more, then please read on…

This is either for you or it’s not. This is not about wasting each other’s time.

  • We teach you how to market your business, how to extend your brand, how to create an outstanding point of difference and how to deliver ‘uplifting service.’
  • We show you how to increase your revenue from existing clients, how to improve their retention rate and how to ask and get referrals
  • We show you how to identify, attract, get and keep more of their ideal clients.
  • We teach you how to sell. We teach you how to prospect, how to qualify and how to get the business. Over 200 accountants have been through our programs.
  • We work with your clients – over 30,000 people and 5000 businesses – and show them how to grow their business and go to the NEXT LEVEL
  • We show them how to build strong centres of influence and alliances. For example, we have a proven method that guarantees a consistent flow of quality leads from accounting firms to financial planners
  • We show accountants and their clients how to get more out of everything they’ve got


Here’s the 3 Ideas

Business Advisory

How to Build and EXTRAORDINARY
Business Advisory Service
Download here

Master Class

The NEXT LEVEL Business Growth MASTERCLASS Series. How to hold onto what you’ve got and attract more of the same.
Download here

Consultative Selling

The Case for Consultative Selling and the
High Performance Sales Course
Download here